Friday, December 30, 2016

Your Apple Watch will Guilt You into Working Out in the New Year

If you strapped on your Apple Watch this morning and immediately got a reminder that you need to hit the gym after your holiday feasting, you weren't the only one starting off the day feeling guilty.

Today, Apple sent every Apple Watch owner in the world a push notification announcing the "Ring in the New Year Challenge" — yet another reminder that every January should be spent exercising the last year's woes (and surplus poundage) away.

It's a simple concept: starting Jan. 2, the Challenge begins. From Monday to Sunday each week of the month, Apple Watch users will be encouraged to close all three Activity rings by running, swimming, or doing whatever cross-training activity that strikes their fancy to fill the quota.

I use an Apple Watch for training clients and boot camp classes - and I love it! It's great for timing sets and keeping track of my workouts. If you have an Apple Watch and would like to learn how to better use it for your training, feel free to reach out!

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